Clearwater to invest $330 million in North Carolina plant

Washington state-based pulp and paper product manufacturer Clearwater Paper Corp. will be creating 180 new jobs at a new facility in Shelby, North Carolina, with $330 million in funding, reported Charlotte Business Journal.

Those hired for the full-time positions will see an annual salary above the national average of $36,576, with paychecks over $40,000. Employees will be filling distribution, maintenance and machine operation roles.

An original manufacturing facility opened in Shelby in 2012 and currently employs 264 people. The expansion project, set to begin construction in the late spring of 2017, was first announced six years ago.

"From 2010 to today, our experience operating in Shelby, N.C., has been exceptional and we continue to enjoy the region's outstanding transportation infrastructure, business-friendly community and overall quality of life," said Linda Massman, Clearwater CEO.

In an announcement on Wednesday, Gov. Roy Cooper noted that the skilled workforce of the state was a key reason that the company continues to grow its operations in North Carolina, according to The Shelby Star.

"Building on their previous success in Shelby, Clearwater ultimately believed that Cleveland County was the best place for them to grow their business and we agreed," he said.

The second plant will be located on the same street as the original building and is expected to be in full operation by 2020.

Clearwater will create 180 jobs at a new plant in North Carolina.