Engineering rated as one of top-paying careers

In 2016, the Statistics Canada Job Vacancy and Wage Survey found that engineering was one of the best paid fields in the country, sitting just below management roles and those in the natural sciences. The survey looked at hourly pay as well as full-time employment opportunities.

Structural engineers can make, on average, over $65,000 per year. Petroleum engineers have the potential to make $62 per hour. In addition, 94 percent of jobs in petroleum engineering are full-time.

Randstad noted that at least 20 percent of engineers are currently 55 years or older, and are focused on retiring soon. That number of workers exiting the industry will lead to a spike in demand, as firms look for younger engineers to fill the need. This upcoming labor shortage also provides young engineers the opportunity to take on more challenges and advance their careers faster.

The publication anticipated that employers in oil and gas, along with construction and infrastructure, will be interested in seeking out new engineers. Other with demand for younger workers include software development and aerospace.

A new survey rated engineering as one of the top careers in Canada.