Job training program supports Alabama auto industry

A job training program from the AIDT agency has supported the automotive industry in Alabama and contributed to employment growth, according to Made in Alabama. 

Currently, AIDT has 113 training initiatives in operation in the state, developing workers for a variety of automotive-related jobs, including management and engineering roles as well as assembly-line positions. 

"The companies can expect and we will deliver a sustained workforce, not just a startup and an initial push to get workers," said Ed Castile, director of AIDT and deputy secretary of the state's Department of Commerce. "AIDT will come back and help them get workers every time they expand."

The Alabama Workforce Council has greenlit other job training initiatives in recent years, including Apprenticeship Alabama and AlabamaWorks. 

In other state news, Gov. Kay Ivey and the Delta Regional Authority recently announced that the DRA will invest $1 million in works to support infrastructure, employment and the economy, Alabama Today reported. 

"By investing more than $1 million in our state, DRA is helping rural communities strengthen their infrastructure, improve economic opportunities, and increase access to important cultural enhancements," said Gov. Ivey. 

The projects that the funds will support include an industrial park building enhancement in Monroeville and an infrastructure project to attract commercial investment in Tuskegee. 

The Alabama Workforce Council has green-lit other job training initiatives in recent years.