Milwaukee grocer will host job fairs to grow workforce

Following the trend of expanding grocery stores, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based company is doing the same.

Sendik's Food Market has announced plans to add an additional 500 people to its workforce during 2017, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The hiring will take place as the grocery store builds five additional stores in the area this year.

Founded with just one store in 2004, there are now 14 Sendik's across the region. The anticipated growth would send the company to the top of the list as the largest locally owned grocery store chain in the area. 

"With a big year ahead, Sendik's is looking forward to hiring talented people who thrive in a customer-oriented, fast-paced environment," family co-owner Ted Balistreri told TMJ4 Milwaukee. "We are excited to welcome more new associates to our rapidly growing Sendik's family, and to serve even more customers with a high-quality grocery shopping experience."

The company will host several job fairs in the coming weeks in anticipation of hiring new employees. Moreover, signed employees who fill the positions of deli chef, cake decorator, baker, meat cutter, department manager, store director or assistant store director for at least four months will be eligible for a $500 signing bonus.

Sendik's of Milwaukee will grow its workforce by 500 this year.