Restaurant industry employment on the rebound

The restaurant sector in the U.S. experienced significant growth in July 2017, according to the latest Employment Situation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Food and beverage providers overall added 53,000 jobs during the month, and this stood out as the largest positional increase among all private-sector employment categories in that period. Moreover, the industry has seen 313,000 jobs created over the last 12 months.

To apply additional context to that annual growth figure, it should be noted that it makes up 10 percent of all jobs added within the last calendar year. Grub Street, referencing a tweet from Derek Thompson, a reporter for The Atlantic, pointed out that food and beverage businesses represent only 1 percent of the entire U.S. economy and still added as many jobs as the healthcare field

Many in the restaurant industry throughout the past year have expressed fear about the field's prospects, according to Grub Street. Factors contributing to this belief included upticks in commodity prices and discomfiting quarterly earnings among major organizations in the sector.

However, the ability of restaurants to add so many positions can only be seen as a positive. It indicates that better days for eateries of all kinds may be on the horizon.

Restaurant industry rebounding from apparent difficulties