Spotify to bring 1,000 more jobs to New York

Moving its headquarters from Chelsea to a larger space at the World Trade Center, Spotify USA announced that the expansion would help to create 1,000 jobs, reported Market Watch.

The news came Wednesday from New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the company itself. Partial funding for the new 400,000 square-foot office will come from rent-reduction credits valued at up to $11 million provided by the state.

During a press conference, the general counsel of the music streaming service, Horacio Gutierrez, said that the workforce has continued to expand and can now no longer fit in its original office space.

The move is set to happen during the first quarter of 2018, reported NBC 4 New York. Bringing its current team of 800 employees, Spotify will create the additional positions within the digital music company by 2018 as well.

As part of the announcement, Cuomo revealed that he will be publicly creating and sharing his own Spotify playlist. Currently, the tracks include artists such as Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Tom Waits and Bon Jovi. The playlist includes several odes to the state including "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z and Alicia Keys as well as "New York State of Mind" by New York native Billy Joel.

Music company Spotify announces plans to move its office to the World Trade Center and add 1,000 more jobs.