The U.S. takes a closer look at infrastructure

The U.S. government plans to raise $1 trillion dollars in a private-public partnership to rebuild major infrastructure throughout the country. The focus would be on roads, bridges and other major construction endeavors.

NPR reports that with an already low unemployment rate, the new infrastructure plan could raise U.S. productivity.

According to the Labor Department, the first quarter showed that productivity growth remained flat. This focuses on the input per worker per hour. When compared to the same period of time in 2016, economists saw an increase of 1.2 percent.

The American Society of Civil Engineers, in its annual report card, stressed the need to invest in infrastructure. It recommended an increase in federal funding for a backlog of projects related to roads as well as maintaining the network of roads already in place.

The group also turned its attention to bridges - and believed that bridges at the end of their design life should receive a closer inspection. This can help bridge owners focus on maintenance and preservation over the life of the bridge.

New plans aim to tackle crippled infrastructure.