Bess Cadwell CSAM

Executive Recruiter, Govig & Associates
Bess joined the staff of Management Recruiters of Scottsdale in June, 1996 as a Project Coordinator and was promoted to Account Executive (AE) in February, 1997 and Vice President in February, 2000.
She has attained Pacesetter status every year since becoming an AE and has won numerous awards including National AE of the Year for the last three years and the number one AE within the company globally in 2004.
Bess brings extensive and varied business experience and an innate ability to match candidate chemistry with company culture. Spends time educating both clients and candidates about the ever-changing subtleties of the marketplace so they can make good business decisions with an arsenal of up-to-date information.

Claim to Fame
Retention. 80% of the talent placed in the last four years is still at the company placed with, and 37% of that talent has been promoted at least once.

Personal Philosophy
People are hired for what they can do and are fired or leave a company because of who they are. Believes not in vendor relationships but in partnering with clients to successfully hire and retain talent in the marketplace.
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