Boe Embrey

Managing Partner/ Headhunter, Sales Consultants of Auburn Hills
My 25 years of experience, at Sales Consultants of Auburn Hills, Michigan, range across a large group of industries and positions. We practice "Key Client" service techniques, where we get to know our clients needs and they trust our judgement regarding candidate needs. We work with our "Key Clients" across all their candidate needs. They know we will team up with the best in our industry to bring them qualified candidates, no matter what the need.

We are strongest in the Automotive, Industrial and Engineering Arenas. We place Executive Level, VP and Presidential Candidates, Engineers, HR, Purchasing and Finance and well as various Manufacturing and Operations Candidates (Plant Mgr, Quality, logistics, etc). Nationally, I have worked with Fortune 500 Companies.Placing Nationwide Sales, Engineering and Management Forces.

I will only present "qualified" candidates to my clients. My clients know me well enough that they trust my judgement. In cases where the resume may not match "exactly" what they are looking for and I request they interview.....there must be a reason. Many times I will find my clients a diamond in the rough or someone with complementary industry skills, where their personality and integrity meet those of my client. I do not waste my client's time!