Simplifying the Recruitment Process

The Accelerated Recruitment® Approach

As a leader and innovator in search and recruitment for more than 50 years, MRINetwork has learned a thing or two about targeting the talent that makes a difference to your business. Our proprietary Accelerated Recruitment approach customizes our streamlined methodology and industry-specific expertise to deliver top candidates to your organization at the pace your business demands.

MRINetwork delivers the right talent which arrives faster, fits better, and stays longer.

We Bring Impact Players

Our business model is designed to focus on the top 20% of the pyramid and businesses that desire them. Today’s companies need to be flexible, more agile, and more creative. Their growth will be fueled by the people who do the work. To compete you will need to focus on those who will move your business, that small percentage of your staff that goes above and beyond, carry more than their load, delivers beyond expectation... Impact Players.

Our Pillars of Success

Methodology - The way we train our people to find, evaluate and match candidates and clients is unique. This definitive framework is called The MRINetwork Way™.

Industry Expertise - This MRINetwork business model is built around offices and recruiters who have subject matter expertise in specific areas. By being niche specialists instead of generalists, our recruiters possess a higher level of understanding and a sharper perspective about their industries. 

Global Reach - With over 1,500 search professionals spanning four continents, we have one of the largest executive talent pools! By combining our size and scope with an infrastructure enabling real-time access to candidates, information, and training, MRINetwork offices are uniquely capable of finding the best candidates regarding of location. 


Ancillary Solutions:

Today's global hiring issues demand flexible solutions. When it comes to effective tools for hiring, MRINetwork excels, offering the services you need to accomplish your hiring goals and solve your hiring problems.

  1. Assessment Testing

    "They've got the skills, but are they a good fit?"
    Our recruiters help you assess the long-term compatibility of candidates with your business culture. Using innovative tools to analyze profiles, skill sets and experience, our recruiters provide you with the insight you need to make smart hiring decisions.

  2. Background Checks

    "They seem genuine, but what do we really know about their history?"
    We provide comprehensive information on the candidates you are considering, including a complete background check.

  3. Virtual Recruitment Solutions

    "I want a truly global search, but it needs to be fast and cost efficient"
    Using a variety of web-based tools and leveraging the global footprint of our Network, MRINetwork offices can conduct and facilitate a remote, virtual interview process saving both time and money when trying fill your most critical roles.

  4. Relocation Assistance

    "I found the right candidate, but they live somewhere else."
    We give you access to comprehensive logistics and coordination assistance that can make the relocation of your new hire easy and efficient.

  5. Salary Surveys & Evaluation

    "I want the best, but how much will it cost?"
    Because our Network is truly worldwide, we have the ability to provide you and your candidates with realistic information about compensation in every major business sector, in almost any location in the world, allowing you to understand the financial impact hiring your desired candidate will have on your business.