The MRI Approach to working with recruiting firms is designed to grow with them. The key to building relationships and driving results: listening. We always begin by listening to our clients’ challenges, problems, and pain points. Our team then shares our capabilities, so there is a clear understanding of what we can offer. Our suite of products and services includes consulting engagements, training classes, back office support, and membership in our Network – just to name a few. From there, we design a very specific set of solutions to address the most important priorities. If there is alignment, we document everything in a concrete proposal. Once engaged with a contract, we select the experts from our team that bring the most relevant experience to the table.

Responding to our  clients’ and members’ needs requires we enter a growth cycle together. We create a strategy and execute it for every engagement – from a major organizational overhaul to online training. Our team provides detailed reporting and an evaluation of future needs and opportunities. We agree on next steps and bring in the MRI expert best suited to elevate company performance.

The MRI Approach is unlike anything else offered in the industry. It was developed over 50 years of working closely with recruiting firms and ensures that we are constantly moving forward.