Our story goes all the way back to 1965 when MRI was founded as Management Recruiters International®. We rocked the search industry by helping thousands of professionals launch successful careers as recruiters. Whole generations of recruiters around the world got their start with us,  using our name and model, leaning on our corporate team for support, and learning from our innovative training. 

We were responsible for one of the biggest expansions the industry ever saw, as we pioneered client-paid recruiting. Prior to that, individual candidates had to come up with cash to pay recruiters.  Seriously. That’s how it worked before we changed the game. The model followed by most recruiting firms today came from our vision for how recruiters could best be positioned to help both clients and candidates.

In more recent years, many of our members branched out with their own company names.  Regardless of what naming convention they follow, we continue to support them with strategic consulting, operational support, peer-to-peer learning, training, sales incentive programs, and back office services. Throughout the decades, our team kept ahead of market trends by developing some of the most innovative models and approaches to recruiting. Our Network offers a unique forum for collaboration, learning, mentoring, and bench-marking, as well as providing  vendor discounts and incentives to drive recruiter performance.

Today, we’re excited to help firms evolve with the ever-changing recruitment industry. We’ve developed new ways to support firms that want to provide their clients with full-service talent and business solutions. We continue to lead MRINetwork®, the close-knit community of member companies that have always been the core of what we do. But we’re also responding to the needs of established firms outside of our network who want to access our wealth of knowledge and depth of services through MRIThrive™.

We believe the future of the recruiting industry is bright, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that it is sustainable and growing.

It takes a network to build a business. So, let’s start building.