Amazon announces plan to create 100,000 full-time positions

On Thursday, Amazon announced an initiative to create thousands of jobs across the country for people of all skill levels and backgrounds, reported GeekWire.

The e-commerce giant plans to add 100,000 jobs to be exact, each with extensive benefits and competitive pay. GeekWire reported that according to Amazon, each position will provide substantial options for new parents as well as 20 weeks of paid leave for all new hires.

The company growth will take place over the next year and a half and by 2018 Amazon is expected to have a workforce of close to 280,000.

"Innovation is one of our guiding principles at Amazon, and it's created hundreds of thousands of American jobs. These jobs are not just in our Seattle headquarters or in Silicon Valley - they're in our customer service network, fulfillment centers and other facilities in local communities throughout the country," said Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder and CEO. 

According to Fortune, Amazon continues to move beyond merely e-commerce. The development of smart home products has seen success and advancing further in the logistics industry, the company has been conducting trials with drone delivery of packages.

Amazon is also increasing investments in cloud computing. The statement from the company noted that the job growth will only help to boost these advances.

Amazon has announced plans to add 100,000 full-time jobs in the next 18 months.