Australia healthcare industry turns to LinkedIn to fill employee gap

Healthcare providers in South Australia are turning to networking site LinkedIn to alleviate the shortage of employees in the healthcare industry.

Online site LinkedIn recently analyzed the 235,000 registered site members within the healthcare industry to discover where the job demands and surpluses are, according to The Australian Business Review. Findings concluded that the largest pool of doctors, nurses and social workers reside in Adelaide, South Australia. 

Following technology, healthcare is the second-largest sector accessing LinkedIn to find employment opportunities, which is good news for providers in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne that have recently struggled to find adequate professionals in the field. Currently, 70 percent of health workers are passively looking for job opportunities while 30 percent are actively searching.

Jason Laufer, talent solutions director at LinkedIn, noted the resources that the networking platform can provide to recruiters in the healthcare sector.

"There is a huge gap in the healthcare industry in Australia and there is a lot of pressure with the aging population," said Laufer. "We help companies understand where to look, how to look and help organizations with how to find talent."

The aging, and growing, population is not the only thing putting on the pressure. Healthcare spending in Australia is expected to swell to $186.3 billion between now and 2018, according to an industry outlook report from Deloitte.

Data from LinkedIn explained that workers in the industry often put work-life balance ahead of factors such as benefits and salaries. For a nation whose citizens have one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, Australia must work to improve and retain the number of qualified and professional healthcare employees in the future, noted Deloitte.