Auto employers exceed employment expectations

Auto manufacturers, dealers and retailers have reported higher employment numbers over the past several months. A number of large automakers have announced their plans to open new plants in several different states, but local dealers and retailers have posted increases in demand and employment as well.

Ford Motor Co. pledged in 2011 that it would hire up to 12,000 new workers by 2015, but according to Bloomberg, the auto company is expected to exceed its initial predictions. When the corporation partnered with the Union Auto Workers in 2011, it claimed it would create new opportunities for thousands of personnel. Since then, it has filled close to 75 percent of those positions.

Joe Hinrichs, the president of Ford's American operations, told the source that the business has seen success with new branches and expansions across the country.

"The business has grown faster than we predicted it would in 2011," Hinrichs said. He added that Ford "is definitely ahead of schedule, and there's a high probability we'll overshoot [the prediction]."

Local dealers have seen similar success in their employment endeavors. According to, Alabama plans to add 110 new auto jobs in Leeds. The source added that both demand and sales have increased for automobiles as well.