Auto industry making slow and calculated comeback

The highly publicized collapse of the American auto industry led many to believe that a recovery would be nowhere in sight. As many sectors of the economy are still in shambles, the possibility of an automotive comeback has surprised many skeptics.

Repercussions of the American auto collapse may have helped European companies, such as German car producer Volkswagen, report a rise in vehicle sales of over 15 percent in April, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The German company has claimed consistent gains, as it showed a 14 percent increase between January and April, and sales totaling more than 2.66 million units, the news source reported.

American companies have recovered at a slower pace, suffering a few tough years due to the complete collapse of many car brands. Confidence in the industry might be restored, as the numbers are beginning to look better across the country.

Michigan - the area that was hit hardest due to its proximity to the auto industry’s headquarters - has seen a slight recovery, as numbers have reached pre-recession levels. Automobile dealers across the state are beginning to hire more salespeople, according to The Detroit Free Press.

The slight recovery in America, coupled with boosts in international sales, shows an industry-wide expansion that has given new hope to dealers everywhere.