Automakers bring jobs to China

While a number of automakers currently operate in China, two large dealers recently announced their plans to expand operations within the country. Fiat and Chrysler, which are expected to complete their merger by the end of 2014, will begin to build new Jeeps in China, The Associated Press reported.

Although the country produces a large number of vehicles, its demand for Jeeps is significantly low. Officials in the companies noted that currently no cars of this kind are produced in China, so with the movement into the area, they hope demand will increase along with the total number of vehicles available.

The automakers will partner with the China Guangzhou Automobile Group to produce and distribute new offerings, which will begin operations by the end of 2015. The source noted that new vehicles will be "uniquely designed for China," as the automakers hope to inspire residents of the country to purchase Jeeps.

As more cars are created and sold, more employees will be needed to work in these facilities. Liberty Voice reported that workers in the country can expect an increase in employment opportunities, specifically for high-skilled labor positions in the auto industry. The source noted that mechanics, technicians and engineers would be in high demand once the operations begin.