Automotive jobs come to the Midwest

While winter weather may have negatively impacted employment in the auto industry, car manufacturing plants have reported an increase in hiring throughout the new year. This boom can be seen in several Midwestern states, including Kansas, where an auto expansion is expected to add 166 jobs.

The Kansas City Star reported that LMV Automotive plans to expand its plant in Liberty, Kan., more than doubling the size of its pre-existing facility. When the operation is complete, the company will need to hire 166 people to work in the plant's new area. According to the source, the company has pledged close to $49 million to the project. While LMV is still working on completing an expansion from two years ago, Mayor Lyndell Brenton said that the newest operation will beneficial for the state's economic growth.

Kansas is not the only state to see an increase in its automotive hiring. According to Daily Finance, an engine plant in Ohio owned by Ford Motor plans on expanding its operations as well, hiring more than 300 people in the region and investing nearly $500 million.