Aviation and automotive jobs grow in Ohio

According to a recent report from the University of Cincinnati Economics Center, the two industries leading job growth in Ohio are the automotive and aerospace and aviation fields. 

Numbers show that the automotive sector added 1,600 jobs in the state during the first quarter. While this only amounted to a 1.6 percent growth, the industry has expanded by 8.7 percent this whole year, adding a total of 8,200 jobs. The aviation and aerospace field saw a job increase of 2.4 percent after 900 jobs were added during the same quarter. The sector has grown by 1.5 percent in Ohio throughout 2014 and currently employs 38,500 residents. 

The Dayton Business Journal reported that the increase in auto manufacturing jobs came as a result of Fuyao Glass America Inc., a company that moved its operations into Moraine, Ohio, earlier this year and gave 1,000 jobs to people in the community. ADVICS recently announced an expansion that could mean up to 100 new positions, while UGN, Inc. declared it would be bringing a new facility to Monroe that will be hiring a staff of 150.