Big data hiring makes big job openings

Over the last few years, the increased value of IT in companies of all kinds has created many jobs in this field. Now, as the amount of data tech personnel must manage continues to rise exponentially and advanced devices and software are created to handle it, more hiring than ever should be expected.

The next few years should see nearly 2 million IT jobs opening up in the U.S. alone. According to Gartner, by 2015 American markets should expect about half of all big data jobs to exist within its borders, making the nation a leader in research and progress within the information market.

Part of the push here will be fueled by emerging trends in technology spending as well, ZDNet reported. The source stated that by the end of next year, purchases of hardware and software will push corporate budgets to nearly $30 billion annually, as will hiring new personnel to manage these platforms. Such strong spending trends are being seen on a global scale as well, and there seems to be no indication that big data is losing momentum. This could indicate that more jobs in IT are yet to come.

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