Big gains in auto industry hiring to have ripple effect on other sectors

Despite a less than stellar job report for the U.S. in June 2011, the automobile industry is reportedly in the midst of a hiring spree that could have a positive effect in other areas of the economy.

The Associated Press reports that hiring by auto manufacturers is beginning to outpace much of the rest of the job market, including the healthcare and airplane industries.

According to the news agency, Volkswagen recently hired approximately 2,000 new workers with the opening of a new plant in Tennessee. In addition, Honda said it will be filling 1,000 more positions in Indiana to keep up with demand, and General Motors announced it will be looking to add another 2,500 to its workforce in Detroit to help build the new Chevy Volt.

Growth in the automotive industry is expected to help other areas make gains as well, including companies that specialize in supplying automotive parts, electronics and plastics, according to the Cookeville Times.

The news agency said that states in the South and Southeast could also benefit from an anticipated relocation of supplier production plants in the U.S. due to the political and financial instability in Mexico.