Biological production company expands in California, creating at least 250 jobs

San Francisco is about to see a boom in pharmaceutical science jobs, as one influential company has announced it plans to invest nearly $300 million into its manufacturing facilities in two nearby towns, creating at least 250 jobs through 2017, according to the San Francisco Business Journal.

Genentech's investment of $285 million will help bolster its resources in Vacaville and Oceanside as it looks to expand its ability to create biologic pills made from living cells, some of which include the world's best-selling cancer drug Avastin and two new breast cancer drugs that were recently approved as well. Genentech's parent company, Roche, plans to spend $880 million to create a total of 500 jobs in California, as well as in Germany and Switzerland, according to the news source.

The company's total number of manufacturing jobs in the region will reach nearly 3,000 with these new additions, on top of its 10,000 total employees in the state, according to News Medical. Hundreds of skilled workers will be sought by the company, including technician, scientist and engineering positions that need to be filled. At the end of expansions, the Vacaville facility will be the largest biotech manufacturing plant ever.