Canadian government launches "superclusters" initiative to boost tech innovation

Canadian Innovation, Science and Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains recently announced the start of a new initiative aimed at improving tech innovation and job opportunities in the country, the Star reported. 

"I would summarize it in three words: Jobs, jobs, jobs," said Bains in an interview with the Star. "We're in a global innovation race. This is about creating a high-value economy."

The plan involves creating nonprofit centres for tech research and development, dubbed "superclusters." In his announcement, Bains stated that as part of the plan the government is holding a national competition for backers of the superclusters with $950 million available in seed money. 

Last month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to the value of investing in the Canadian tech industry at the Microsoft CEO Summit held in Washington State, CBC News reported. 

The event was an opportunity to "remind decision makers and investors that Canada is recognized as a world leader in research and development in many areas like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and 3D programming," said Press Secretary Andree-Lyne Halle in a statement. 

Trudeau was the first sitting head of government or state to be invited to the closed-door annual summit, CBC noted. 

The plan involves creating nonprofit centers for tech research and development.