Chicago will see more jobs in technology

The city of Chicago is expected to become a major source for technology-sector employment over the next few years.

In an announcement, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that there would be more than 2,000 jobs in the industry thanks to more than 20 companies in the area, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"These are 2,000 jobs because they have the talent," Emanuel said in a public address. "They have the funding. They have the technology, the innovation, the support of public- and private-sector entities to create a complete eco-system."

One of the firms planning to add new talent is GrubHub, an online food-ordering website. The company plans to bring on an additional 250 employees by 2015, which would mean that it will have approximately twice as many employees as it does now.

Other sectors are seeing better results as well. A recent survey of auto industry executives surveyed by KPMG found that two-thirds had added employees this year and that 72 percent had plans to hire in the coming year.

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