Cloud computing jobs are in abundant supply for those who qualify

The pool of qualified candidates to fill cloud computing jobs cannot keep up with demand for those individuals, according to the report of a technology corporation cited by IT World.

This past February saw a 92 percent increase of advertisements seeking applicants with those skills as compared to the same month last year. The 5,000 job listings from last month also are more than five-times as high as figures from the same month of 2010.

"With the demand for cloud skills growing so quickly, the gap between hiring demand and talent supply across the United States is getting larger and causing more difficulties in sourcing candidates," the report states.

The metropolitan region of San Jose, California, is one region where this skill is highly pursued, the report states. At least 900 listings advertised these jobs last month, representing a 144 percent increase during the past 12 months. Seattle, San Francisco and New York also command large amounts of cloud computing specialists.

But despite the benefits that cloud computing has to offer those companies that embrace it, Business Insider questions whether small businesses are capitalizing on what the service has to offer.