Commercial construction industry experiences slight rebound

The commercial construction industry has suffered over the past several months, as the sector reached an 11-year low in February and continued to post numbers that were lower than previous seasons, according to The Associated Press.

Analysts have studied the recent trends and noted that it could be another four years before the commercial construction industry will return to healthy levels. The housing markets have suffered since the 2008 economic collapse, and the slight recovery that was supposed to occur has not happened, the news source reported.

Many of the commercial construction projects like new offices, hotels and shopping centers, have actually held steady during this period of decline, preventing a complete collapse of the industry. Local and federal government projects have fallen consistently during this time, however, reported The AP.

Though the industry may not be recovering across the country, several areas have rebounded in the commercial sector. San Diego experienced a 40.5 percent increase in activity since April, as the total valuation for the month of May was $108 million, according to The San Diego Tribune.