Construction jobs growth in the UK up 17 percent in 2013

As construction growth in the United Kingdom hits its highest levels in three years and Britain's economy strengthens, reported numbers concerning the country's jobs market reveal improvement unseen in recent years.

The latest Reed Job Index showed July's overall job market up 17 percent compared to last year, while job opportunities in the construction and property markets have increased by 92 percent, according to Construction Digital.

Overall growth in the country has been steady, with additional evidence seen in training, education and leisure sectors. Property prices across the country have risen overall for the first time in more than five years implying an increase in new home construction, according to the news source, allowing for such an increase in the construction jobs market.

Jobs have not yet shown signs of salary growth, however, as they have dropped an average of 1.5 percent, but the possibility for growth is high - the Index's overall total stands at 161, six points higher than the yearly average and an improvement over January's result of 138.

Construction activity in the country expanded for the third month in a row in July, according to Bloomberg, with builders adding jobs at their fastest pace since December 2011.