Could Washington State add more clinical research jobs?

Many privately funded clinical trials have been performed over the past 13 years. According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, a January 2013 report showed that healthcare firms have completed more than 3,600 clinical studies during that time frame, and more trials could be conducted over the next few years. 

Pharmaceutical companies are searching for ways to boost their productivity, and clinical evaluations provide valuable data that can be used to develop medications and treatments. In fact, Anna Gottlieb, executive director of cancer support center Gilda's Club Seattle, said that 20 percent of cancer patients are eligible to participate in such trials, and new participants could help firms complete extensive research. 

WOOD-TV reports that healthcare firms in Lansing, Michigan, recently promoted the benefits of clinical studies as part of Clinical Trials Awareness Day on January 30, 2013. Offering patients information about these evaluations could help researchers learn more about specific conditions and may provide a boost to the local economy. 

"As we move forward reinventing Michigan, and we look at various infrastructures...I would like to look at our medical infrastructure," Michigan House Health Committee Chair Gail Haines told the news source. 

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