Cybersecurity industry lacks qualified applicants

A lack of skilled, qualified workers looking for employment in the cybersecurity industry is a pressing issue.

According to technology news and information resource eWeek, research shows that corporate companies generally see anywhere from 60 to 250 applicants for each job opening. In the cybersecurity sector however, that number drops down significantly.

Reporting on findings from the cybersecurity workforce study by Cybersecurity Nexus of ISACA, eWeek noted that just 59 percent of agencies surveyed reported at least five applicants for each new cybersecurity position. Only 13 percent of organizations reported 20 or more applicants for a new job posting.

Findings from the third annual white paper on the state of cybersecurity for 2017 released by ISACA revealed that in addition to a lack of applicants, most of the candidates sending in resumes are not qualified for the positions. More than 35 percent of respondents stated that 75 percent of all candidates lack the required skills necessary for work in the sector.

The missing qualifications often include a lack of certifications and real experience. According to eWeek, however, expectations among hiring staff are beginning to shift.

"The survey underscores a fundamental disconnect between employer expectations and what candidates can actually bring to the table," said CEO of ISACA, Matt Loeb. "Employers are looking for candidates to make up for lost time but that doesn't necessarily mean a significant academic investment. Many organizations place more weight in real-world experience and performance-based certifications and training that require far less time than a full degree program."

A big focus of the ISACA currently, which is being addressed at the RSA Conference that runs through Feb. 17, is to address this shortage of skilled workers and offer tips to companies hoping to find and retain good workers.

Organizations look to address the lack of skilled applicants in the cybersecurity field.