Efforts seek to boost employment for Egyptians in Saudi Arabia

Deals between the Egyptian Embassy in Saudi Arabia and several employers in the country are expected to make finding work easier for emigrants from Egypt. The embassy anticipates around 20,000 new jobs to result from the cooperation, Arab News reported.

New positions will be available in both the public and private sector, the news source said. Although the embassy is trying to boost employment for Egyptians in Saudi Arabia, it also issued a warning against a number of employers. Hasan Raddad, the embassy's head of labor, released a list of 14 Saudi companies and 13 Egyptian companies suspected of employment fraud. Along with that release, he said that Egyptians should not begin work without first signing a satisfactory employment contract.

Generally, the employment situation for expatriates in Saudi Arabia has been improving. Private sector salaries for immigrant workers increased 25 percent in 2013, according to The Economist Intelligence unit. The news was first reported in Al Eqtisadiah, a Saudi financial newspaper. According to the source, the rise in pay followed an effort by the country to deport undocumented workers, which drove up demand for those who remained.