Electronics industry to bring more than 250 jobs to Central US

Two companies that focus on different aspects of the electronics industry plan to bring more than 250 jobs to two states in the central United States.

Electronics manufacturer Firstronic plans to invest $2.45 million into renovating its buildings and new machinery and equipment, adding 110 jobs to their current workforce of 68, according to the Grand Rapids Business Journal. The company, which focuses its production efforts on creating medical devices, will be hiring in a variety of positions, including engineering, technician, soldering and assembly operations jobs in its Grand Rapids, Michigan location.

The job growth comes as a success to The Right Place, a local economic development nonprofit that has helped create more than 1,300 jobs in the area in 2013 alone.

On the other end of the electronics spectrum, electronics retailer Newegg plans to add a new distribution center to Indianapolis, Indiana, creating 150 positions in the process, according to the Indianapolis Star. While the jobs wouldn't be created until 2015, the distribution space is necessary for the company to support its sales, which have been steadily increasing since the company's initial opening back in 2001. The distribution center will cost the company $15 million.