Employment report: Europe, Middle East and North Africa (December 2013)

With the new year waiting just around the corner, markets throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East may have some bittersweet plans in terms of employment for 2014. While some countries are planning to add jobs to their domestic workforce, others are expecting to encounter more employment issues and even reductions in wages.

According to The Wall Street Journal, European businesses are still hesitant to take on more employees due to continuous economic uncertainty. Although this region of the globe has been slowly recovering, a shadow of doubt casted on the market trajectory has hampered hiring.

While the most companies throughout Europe claim that they plan to create more job opportunities during the first quarter of this coming year, some nations throughout this continent also expect to decrease salaries during 2014. 

Employment growth in other parts of this area, in addition to North Africa and the Middle East, is believed to be dependent on the performance of the U.S. market, BBC reported. If American businesses prosper and export goods across the globe, then economies in these regions anticipate residual expansion. As a result, companies in these areas could experience gains in jobs available, benefiting those who are currently unemployed such as much of the youth populations.