Employment report: Europe, Middle East and North Africa (February 2014)

While some regions did not meet industry officials' employment predictions for the month of January, several have expressed positive outlooks for employment throughout the remainder of 2014.

The unemployment rate in the U.K. has slowly increased from 7.1 to 7.2 per cent, but experts believe the economy's rate of growth will stay strong, according to The Wall Street Journal. Blerina Uruci, economist at Barclays, told the source that despite the slight dip in employment, the labor market may improve throughout the year, which would provide more job opportunities for seekers. 

France reported an increase in its manufacturing output index this month, but the country experienced lower employment in its service sector, according to TradingFloor. Germany, which was expected to report high manufacturing numbers, posted a decrease in the industry, yet saw a significant increase in services hiring.

Employment in the Middle East continues to strengthen across all sectors, according to the Monster Employment Index. The annual recruitment report stated that year-on-year growth inched up to 17 per cent in January, as rising demand for products and services drives employment among countries.

Egypt and Qatar posted the highest year-on-year expansions, with Qatar reporting a 26 per cent increase and Egypt a 25 per cent positive change.