Employment report: Europe, Middle East and North Africa (March 2014)

Employment numbers have been staggered across the regions, with some areas reporting economic booms while others are in need of solutions for their low job reports. 

By 2015, countries in the European Union may see drastic improvements on the job front, according to the Winter 2014 forecast released by the European Commission. Currently, unemployment stands around 10.7 percent in the EU and 12 percent in the eurozone, according to UPI. However, the forecast predicted that both numbers would decrease over the next 12 months. Additionally, the statement claimed that growth among European countries was widespread, meaning regions that were once unstable have seen positive results at the beginning of 2014 - a trend that experts believe will continue through 2015.

Countries in North Africa may not be reporting stable employment numbers, but individual industries in the region have been striving to add occupations. According to Hospitality Net, the Hotel Partners Africa recently unveiled its plans to create more than 320,000 jobs in North Africa over the next three years. The African Development Bank Group released a statement in which it explained that job growth, creation and stability were the most important issues facing the region currently, stressing that for the economy to strengthen, more companies must open their doors in the area.