Employment report: Europe, Middle East and North Africa (September 2013)

Unemployment rates across the Eurozone held steady when compared to July, though both months showed rises in overall rates compared to the same time in 2012, according to the International Business Times.

Overall rates in the Eurozone, which is comprised of 17 nations, stood at 12.1 percent in July, which was the same as in June but an increase from the 11.5 percent rate that had been recorded in the same month one year prior. Likewise, unemployment in the 28-country European Union was stable from June to July, standing at 11 percent but seeing a rise of .5 percent from July of 2012.

The numbers of unemployed decreased slightly in the regions monthly, seeing dips of 32,000 in the Union and 15,000 in the zone. However, the same figures rose by approximately 1 million year-over-year in the same regions. Unemployment remained incredibly high in Greece and Spain, both of which saw rates over 25 percent, and was lowest in Austria and Germany at around 5 percent.

In addition, the Middle East and North Africa saw the world's highest unemployment in 2012, as 28 percent of citizens were underemployed and 19 percent were unemployed, according to AMEInfo. In addition, more than 56 percent of the population does not participate in the workforce at all.

In addition, youth unemployment in the region has skyrocketed - people between the age of 15 and 24 in the country represent between 40 and 60 percent of all unemployed, according to the Christian Science Monitor.