Employment report: Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Unemployment remains on the minds of many Europeans.

A new poll by GfK research has found that overall, 37 percent of respondents in 12 countries said the fear of losing a job was their top concern. And it appears as if those worries may be somewhat warranted, as unemployment figures for April bring more bad news for a number of EU members.

The International Business Times reports that the jobless rate continued to climb in Greece, with unemployment numbers for April up to 26.9 percent - rising from 23.1 percent from April 2012. The figures for young Greeks are even more dire. The report found that the jobless rate for residents aged 15 to 24 now stands at more than 57 percent. 

In response to the latest news, euro zone finance ministers agreed to release 6.8 billion Euros as part of the country's 24th bailout attempt since March 2010.

Italy's unemployment rate hit a new record high for May - rising to 12.2 percent from 12 percent in April. 

In Turkey, the jobless rate ticked up in April, rising 0.3 percent over the past year to hit 9.3 percent. According to the results of a household labor force survey, the number of unemployed persons in the country increased by 216,000 from April 2012.

In the Middle East, joblessness also remains a top concern, with the unemployment rate cited as one of the biggest reasons for the recent coup in Egypt.

The Daily Star reports that there are now more than 1 million people who joined the ranks of the unemployed since the first quarter of 2010, bringing the jobless rate to a record 13.2 percent during the same time this year. Official data shows that the issue is also plaguing younger workers - with eight out of every 10 jobless Egyptians under the age of 30.

In Tunisia, the jobless rate now stands at nearly 17 percent, and while the rate in Morocco has seen steady declines over the past 10 years, youth unemployment remains at 18 percent.