Engineers in high demand at technology firms

Many people these days have gone online when making payments, and as a result firms in the sector have been increasing efforts to add staff.

In Chicago, Braintree is hoping to bring on 150 new engineers, three times as many as it currently has on its staff, the Chicago Tribune reports. The firm specializes in secure storage data and credit card processing technology for popular online programs such as LivingSocial, Angry Birds and OpenTable.

The plans to add staff were announced at Braintree's new headquarters in West Loop with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on hand. In the past year, the firm has expanded its staff from 20 to 60 and it's not stopping there.   

"Every startup I know says they could grow faster if they had more engineers," Ready said. "The biggest limit to our growth is finding enough capable, talented engineers quickly enough."

Technology companies are not the only businesses seeking qualified engineers. General Motors announced that it was hoping to add to its IT department, according to the Detroit News. As it stands now, 10,000 workers from outside companies handle technology operations, bu GM vice president of information technology Randy Mott said that he was hoping to hire more in-house employees.

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