Finance in United Arab Emirates expected to continue growth

Though stress levels over job security in the field remain a high concern, finance jobs in the United Arab Emirates are set to see a slight increase in hiring through the end of 2013.

Approximately 37 percent of surveyed chief financial officers in the region reported that they would be expanding their finance departments through the end of the year, a slight rise from 35 percent in the first six months, according to Zawya. Companies report struggling with finding professionals possessing the right skills, with more than half calling it at least somewhat challenging.

The survey of 75 CFOs and finance directors found that expansion is more likely to take place in Dubai, where 53 percent of leaders expect to expand their finance teams, while only 22 percent in Abu Dhabi expect further hiring in their departments. More than 70 percent were confident in the region's economic future.

While job retention in the region is rising and its status has been upgraded to an emerging market, 58 percent of Middle Eastern financial analysts are unsure about their job security, according to The National. However, the region's potential for growth will likely see hiring and retention rates continue to grow.