Fuel industries drive chemical engineering employment in US

Recent chemical engineering graduates may be leaving school only to find a wealth of employment opportunities ahead of them. Even though a portion of Americans promote the exploration of alternative energy sources, the oil and petroleum fuel industries are responsible for job growth in this engineering subcategory.

The Fiscal Times reported that in North Dakota, oil production appears to be climbing quickly. In fact, developments made to the technology used for hydraulic fracturing has spurred on one of the highest growth rates in the nation's economic history.

This booming industry has brought jobs to an otherwise stagnant employment market. Additionally, companies in this field have been creating high-paying positions. Among these new posts are ones that require employees with chemical engineering degrees, including stimulation supervisors who are responsible for overseeing the fracturing process and earn six-figure incomes. 

West Virginia and Ohio are also experiencing expansion in chemical engineering employment. Columbus CEO stated that an ethane plant that could potentially be built near the border would bring chemical-focused jobs to both states. If the estimated $2 to $4 billion project were approved, the petroleum processing facility would create employment opportunities not only at the plant itself, but also across other industries as companies will have better access to fuel, which will raise production.