Good news for the automotive industry

The low price of oil has continued to have a positive effect on the automotive industry. Demand has increased for larger trucks and SUVs.

To cope with that demand, Ford kept its factory in Kentucky open for an additional week to make an additional 8,500 cars, The Associated Press reported. The company noted that sales for the Ford Escape rose by 3 percent in May.

Ford is not the only car company to see positive trends for the summer. Audi sales continue to rise for the 77th month in a row. According to Torque News, May was one of the top five months for the German car manufacturer in the states. The first part of the year saw an increase in sales by 6.5 percent. SUVs were among the top selling products. A4 sedans saw an increase in sales by 9 percent.

"As the summer selling season begins, we are confident that the Audi product portfolio will support our sales momentum," Mark Del Rosso, Audi's chief operating officer, said to the publication.

Good news for the automotive industry entering into summer.