Google Fiber launches new high-speed internet options for small businesses

Small businesses will soon reap the benefits of Google Fiber, the high-speed internet offering of Google.

The rapid internet service that utilizes fiber optic cable technology will now be offered through several new data plans for small businesses, reported Tech Times. For businesses located in cities that support Google Fiber, they will have the option of three different data plans ranging from 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps in upload and download speeds.

The first tier, Fiber Business 100, also provides backing of up to 100 GB worth of data within 20 minutes. Fiber Business 250 provides 250 Mbps in upload and download speeds and 100 GB of data backing in eight minutes. The third data plan, Fiber Business 1000, provides the fastest speed and allows for the backing up of 100 GB of data in just two minutes.

Google initially launched the standard Early Access program to deliver speedier internet to businesses in 2014, according to its blog. Now, aimed at meeting the needs of a variety of business styles and sizes, Google Fiber will provide up-and-coming businesses with three different options for high-speed connection.

"We can't wait to see what small businesses will do next with superfast Internet," Google concluded in its blog post-announcement.

Google Fiber has announced three new data plans to provide small businesses with high-speed internet.