Google launches job listings platform

With the planned launch of Google For Jobs, leading technology company Google aims to make it easier for job-seekers to find suitable listings.

By taking advantage of machine learning, Google will streamline employment data from various sites to bring the appropriate information to one place, reported ZD Net. A simple search query will pull up information based on level of experience, industry, region, posting date and even commuting times. It will find full- and part-time jobs and accommodate numerous categories and experience types.

CEO Sundar Pichai told ZD Net that once a user has discovered a career posting they would like to apply to, they can do so in just one click.

Monster, Glassdoor and Facebook are among the other companies that have worked on this project with Google, according to CNN. Also notable is that Google For Jobs will help find employment that is often difficult to search online for, such as non-office jobs in the service and retail industries.

Expected to go live in the U.S. within the next few weeks, the job-hunting tool will be an interactive part of Google search.

Google For Jobs will streamline the employment search process, making it easier for people to find jobs.