Green investment adds to 2010 growth for building products and supplies industry

The green revolution has given life to several sectors of the American economy including building products and supplies industry.

According to Reportlinker, the demand for green building materials in the U.S. is projected to expand by 13 percent annually through 2015. Sales of these products during these years are expected to eclipse $70 billion.

Certain products have received environmentally responsible labels from the U.S. government, and these specific items can expect to retain a large share of these profits, according to the report. Green floor coverings, recycled concrete content, and efficient lighting and plumbing are just some of the areas that could take advantage of these new efforts.

Projected expansion of the building products and supplies industry due to green materials came in the wake of a ProSales report that showed that construction supply companies recorded their first collective revenue increase since 2006, Builder Magazine reported.

The annual findings exhibited a 6.2 percent increase in sales in the industry, and further growth was predicted in 2011, according to the magazine.