Healthcare hiring continues upward trend

A new report has found that more U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems plan to increase their workforce over the next 12 to 36 months. The report comes as the medical services industry continued to post positive job gains across all sectors last month.

According to the new report, by the health information technology (IT) company MedSynergies, 70 percent of medical facilities plan to hire more doctors due to the need to increase the quality of healthcare services across the country.

The news continues to be good for doctors and other medical-related workers. Despite stagnant unemployment figures, the U.S. healthcare sector added jobs in September 2011.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the industry grew by approximately 43,800 jobs overall last month, with the biggest gains seen in ambulatory care settings at doctors offices, healthcare services providers and outpatient care centers. Overall, the ambulatory care sector added 26,000 jobs last month.

Jobs at hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities rose by more than 17,000 positions in September.

During the past year, the healthcare industry added approximately 335,000 jobs.