Healthcare most at-risk industry for data security breaches, report finds

A recent report found that the healthcare industry had the most data security breaches in 2015.

The report by law firm Baker Hostetler studied more than 300 data security incidents that the company handled last year, reported HealthITSecurity, and concluded that there is a serious need for the healthcare industry to ramp up its data breach preparedness methods. It was the second year in a row that healthcare ranked as one of the most at-risk industries.

"The hardest hits to a company's reputation are more likely to occur when the notification shows that the underlying cause should have been prevented or that the company is viewed as not handling the response well," the report noted.

However, the study found that while healthcare had more security incidents, the severity of the incidents was low compared to other industries. Some 34 percent of incidents were caused by employee action or error, while just 15 percent were from malware attacks or hacking.

The findings come as the cybersecurity industry faces a shortage of talent. CSO reported that according to an analysis by Symantec, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is predicted to reach 6 million worldwide by 2019, with an estimated shortage of 1.5 million workers.