Healthcare, other industries see hiring improvements for second quarter

With the economy seemingly on the mend, hiring is also improving in a number of sectors including healthcare insurance.

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for a major job board and USA Today, the outlook for hiring in 2010's second quarter is stronger than it has been in the past three years.

The survey revealed that 28 percent of employers had brought in full-time employees on a permanent basis in the first three months of the year and that that trend is expected to continue into the second quarter.

"While employers are keeping a close eye on world events, their confidence levels in regard to recruitment have remained intact," the CEO of the job board said in a release.

Job postings "are up across all categories, from healthcare and technology to manufacturing. Our latest survey points to continued, measured gains over the next three months. As the nation moves toward greater financial stability, more employers are investing in talent for the long-term," he continued.

The five-year anniversary of the healthcare reform law in Massachusetts, which has resulted in 98 percent of the state being covered, recently passed.