Healthcare, professional services companies bring 260 new jobs to Ireland

In Ireland, four companies, three of them in healthcare, are taking advantage of new business developments to add more than 250 jobs to the country's economy.

Metabolomics Diagnostics plans to lead the charge in its attempt to bring the first blood test for pre-eclampsia to market, a condition in pregnant women that if gone untreated can harm the baby, according to the Irish Examiner. To reach their goals, the company plans to hire 40 new workers.

In addition, McMahon Healthcare's new nursing home at Cairnhill Bray will bring 120 new positions to the country, in various roles including nursing, administrating, catering and managing. Additionally, professional services firm Ernst & Young has announced a planned 80 new positions across five of its offices as a result of client gains and growing demand for its services. They plan on adding more than 160 graduate positions next year as well.

Twenty more jobs will be created by pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline in Cork, according to Fierce Pharma Manufacturing. In creating a new facility to produce its Poligrip dental adhesive product, the company plans to spend more than $40 million.