Healthcare sector adds 2,500 in July but growth expected to remain steady

The American healthcare sector added fewer jobs than expected in the month of July, but hiring remained positive, reflecting overall expectations for hiring trends across the country for the rest of the year.

About 2,500 jobs were added in the sector as a whole in July according to Modern Healthcare, down from the 14,800 added in June, marking the smallest jobs increase to the sector in a decade. The average overall growth in the industry has been around 16,000 per month this year,which is behind last year's pace of 27,000 per month, but is still showing positive signs of growth for the future. Many job cuts were blamed on budget cuts, but experts told the news source the dip shouldn't be concerning unless it remains consistent over the next months.

However, the hiring outlook for the industry remains positive, with 73 percent of managers and hiring professionals across the industry expecting workforce gains over the next 12 months, according to the HireRight Health Care Spotlight survey. Finding and keeping quality workers was the industry's biggest fear concerning future growth, as 52 percent of surveyed officials called it their biggest challenge to business. As a result, emphasis on educated or certified professionals has increased across the industry.