Help desk and security take priority in IT hiring trends

As the economic situation around the world remains tenuously optimistic, some sectors are undergoing massive transformations as a result of how these industries are changing each moment. One of the newest trends is that of big data, and its impact on IT hiring has added to the demand for more assistance within technology-heavy corporations.

Subsequently, the need for IT personnel is on the rise, but not in places that job hunters would typically consider or expect. According to InformationWeek, even though social media is rapidly expanding, firms within this sector aren't hiring many new employees. On the other hand, help desk associates and system security workers are in the greatest demand according to the source's 2012 State of IT Staffing Survey. Companies are focusing on keeping tabs on the information and services they already own, but IT staff are needed to assist in maintaining and perfecting these systems, the study showed.

US News and World Report supported that claim in a recent article. Technology and defense companies appear to be hiring most of the IT personnel in the United States these days, focusing on honing their comprehension and systems integr