Hiring picking up in the U.S. for some telecommunications firms

While the economy may not be entirely back up to speed, hiring appears to be picking up, according to CNN.

The news source reports that about 500,000 jobs have been added so far this year and that this is a result of many businesses maximizing the productivity of their current workers. Due to this, they now must bring in new employees to continue to grow.

BT Conferencing, which is an online and video conferencing unit of the BT Group, said that it is planning to increase its workforce by about 10 percent over the next two months.

"In the past year we focused on productivity gains, streamlining and some technology enhancements," head of U.S. services for BT Conferencing Ron Pasquale told the news source. "At this point, we've harvested all those improvements. We're at point now where we have to start hiring."

BT Conferencing employs about 1,000 people worldwide and has offices in the UK, America and Australia.

Madeline Schnapp, a research director at TrimTabs Investment Research, told CNN that this phase of hiring may last longer than previous ones that occurred during the recession.

"It looks like that expansion phase probably has some legs this time," she said.